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B.TQC P. TQC Den's A4
Last Updated 08/01/07
Low Budget Brawler
I've always wanted to put the 5k motor in a smaller lighter car. I originally purchased my 5000TQ totaled. It was supposed to be a donor car for my quantum syncro. But I quickly became fond of the 5KCSTQ (own one you'll understand). None the less the urge grew stronger, fueled by the post of an AWW member, who posted that it would be expensive and difficult. That made me want to prove my point even more. My only problem was how could I cut my 5KTQ? As fate would have it I didn't have to, it was totaled by a 16 year old girl (driving reckless) while parked in front of my house. On July 5, 2004 10pm I started on project 90TQ, seven months after my 5K was wrecked and three months after finding a cheap 90Q. The goal: To have it finished by Waterfest 10, just 10 days after we started, it would need to be on the trailer.
Standard Audi 90Q Engine Bay with NG
Audi 90Q Engine Bay fitted with MC-1
-Project Build Pages-
-Engine- -Driveline- -Battery Relocation-
-Ignition System- -Fuel System- -Exhaust-
-Intercooler- Misc Mods Brake System