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B.TQC P. TQC Den's A4
Last Updated 08/01/07
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Engine Swap Details
Well, since we had such a tight dead line, everyone helped pull the motor. Between my girlfriend Stacy, my brother Dennis and good friend Leo, they had the 4000Q parted and the NG motor out of the 90Q in under two hours! First up was swapping the NG motor mounts onto the MC engine. Then the 90Q oil pan and windage tray went onto the MC motor. Swapped water necks and since I had no plan to keep A/C I used the 90's alternator location just to get it away from the heat.

Comparing the 5k's downpipe to the UrQ's didn't really show very much difference. After installing it on the MC motor, it is very easy to see how differently they are bent. And as a plus the UrQ is 2.5" in diameter. With the motor now ready, I turned my attention to the engine bay. Battery shelf removed (see Battery page) next was the tie rod. Since my brother had a brand new UrQ tie rod sitting around I helped myself to it. This is needed to clear the waste gate flex pipe. It doesn't fit into the 90 passenger strut without modifying it. And some modification to the inner rail was necessary to have full turning radius and suspension travel.

With the 4K box bolted on, the motor went in as normal. I used a poly front motor mount on the MC motor and connected it to a VW rabbit mount on the cross member. The VW mount bolted right on and gives the poly bushing a lot tighter fit. (Similar to what I did on my 5KTQ, just a lot easier mounting.

Sometime it's the little things that get you. On this page the award goes to the throttle cable. The NG's throttle body is much closer to the pedal, So I used the MC, except it doesn't connect to the 90's gas pedal. So I cut the end off of both and trimmed the MC's sheath so that it reached good but wasn't to long. Then made a metal end similar to the 90's end and welded it on. (PITA!)