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B.TQC P. TQC Den's A4
Last Updated 08/01/07
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Battery Relocation
With the MC motor going up front, the factory battery shelf would need to be removed to make room for the wastegate. I decided to relocate the battery under the rear seat where the original fuel pump and filter once were.

After getting measurements from the test fitting some foam was removed from the bottom of the seat and a 16 gauge battery box was bent up and seam welded. Then it was seam welded to the floor pan, primed and sealed with heavy duty duct sealer. Underneath the car the box was primed and coated with a hard enamel, then came three coats of undercoating. The battery was installed and a heavy duty strap was made to hold it.

Almost all tracks have mandated an external kill switch for cars with relocated batteries, so one was installed in the rear of the car.