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B.TQC P. TQC Den's A4
Last Updated 08/01/07
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Drive Train
Well as far as gearboxes go I knew I wanted to run an 016. IMO the syncro's and locking differential are better. It also allows me to use the 5K MC-1 flywheel (yes I'm partial to that boat anchor it's good for great 60 foots). So since the 4000 had the same final drive ratio and the inner joint were the same size it seemed like the obvious choice. You must use the 4K transmission mounts and center drive shaft. Also some of the shift linkage components. So I picked up a 4000Q for a 100 bucks. To get the power to the ground I used a Kennedy engineering products 6 puck unsprung disk and racing pressure plate. I used my 5K throw out bearing.

I used a 5K tranny speed sensor, the 90's connector is different. It screws on like the old cable did. Next I had to decide on the shift linkage since the 90Q's set up was totally different. In the first picture you can see 4k [left] 5k [center] and 90 [right]. I chose to use the 5K set up since it's a floating shifter (it moves front to back with the motor). So parts from the 5K box were removed and added to the 4K box to allow the dual linkage to be connected. Because the 5K shifters bar moves through the car (it doesn't pivot beneath the car like a 90) I decided to use the entire top of the 5K tunnel. It's all 5K except I used the 4K selector shaft.

After test fitting I cut and retapped the shaft for the shift knob. Had to do some filing to get the console over, but I'm very happy with the racy look of it. Also here's some pictures from below.

The 90's clutch slave mounts differently than the 4K and 5K. I used a 5K, the stock hydraulic line works fine. Front axles are a different story. The driver side came up short and the passenger side too long, (Trying to swap them made it worse). I found a pair of axles in the garage that were the correct lengths. They were labeled left rear and right rear only and the left fit in my 90tq's right side and vice versa. The only problem was the wheel speed teeth were different, so I had to swap the 90q's outer onto them.