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B.TQC P. TQC Den's A4
Last Updated 08/01/07
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Ignition System
The factory (chipped) turbo mangement has done us well, so it was stripped from the 5KTQ. The 90's CIS 3 comes in from the drivers side but the 5K's come through the passenger side. The old A/C hole made a good entry point. A plate to adapt the holes was made, welded and sealed with Sikaflex.

With the harness installed throught the firewall, it was now time to remove the CIS 3. The CIS 3 harness was removed sensor by sensor because many are not used on the Mac 11 and the others would needed in bridging the harnesses. Once I had everything sorted, my brother seperated the CIS 3 harness while I wrote up a list of which wires needed to be graphted.