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B.TQC P. TQC Den's A4
Last Updated 08/01/07
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Fuel System
First on the list was to test the factory set up. It didn't fair as good as I hoped so I decided to use the MC set up, pump and all. Out came the old and in with the old (MC) fuel system. Sounds easy right? Wasn't! In fact it was a PITA since the original pump was external and the new set up was internal. So out came the tank, first up I welded closed the original gravity feed outlets. Next it was necessary to cut a large opening so that internal change could be made.

Through the access opening, I made a baffle and pump bracket. Installed the pump using factory grommets and held down by three 13mm nuts. Finally capped it off using the top of a 5KTQ tank.

Next on the list was to flare the lines together. After that I moved ahead to the fuel distributor, using the factory lower 90Q box with the upper lid from an UrQ, I mounted my UrQ igloo. This set up was too tall so I dropped the factory 90 box down into itself. This set up also allowed for a better air opening.

Also the de-acceleration valve was added and the emission system adapted. Everything went well until we fired it up. The lines were rotted at nearly every rubber grommet hanger. Also by using the MC filter location it was interfering with the hood piston. So while having to install fresh lines, I relocated the filter beneath the car.

This took a couple of custom lines, one for the filter out and one for the pressure in/cold start. And I bolted the fuel filter to the old fuel pump bracket.